The Owners



A mom of two kids and a marketing professional with 12 years of experience in sports and recreation. As a sports marketing major in college, I always knew I wanted to work in childhood recreation. I am a graduate of Indiana University and later received my MBA from Loyola. As a mom, wife and professional, I was looking for a place that would allow me to either get work done or relax guilt free while my kids can play and have fun. Solution? Little Beans. After years of working at marketing agencies, I knew it was time to follow my dreams. Little Beans Café really is a dream come true and I hope you enjoy this wonderful space for kids and parents as much as my family does.



A college graduate from DePaul University with a major in marketing and sales. I had a focus on entrepreneurship, but realized after a few years of working in the corporate world, that I would not be happy until I ran my own business. Living in Lincoln Park, I would see mothers walking around with one, two, sometimes even three small kids. What do they do when it’s cold and snowing? What about when it’s 90° and too humid to be at the park? Where do they socialize with other mothers and their kids? My sister and I came up with the perfect answer… Little Beans Café.

430 Asbury Ave., Evanston, IL 60202
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