Please follow the rules so everyone can have a safe & fun time!

  • No shoes. Socks are required in the playspace – Kids and Adults (socks are available for purchase in the café for $2).
  • Parent or caregiver must stay on-premises at all times. While we will help make sure your child/children are having fun so you can too, you are still fully responsible for your child.
  • Sanitize hands prior to entering the playspace and wash hands after bathroom visits.
  • No sick kids please. Help us keep this a healthy environment for everyone.
  • Please place all toys that have made their way to a child's mouth in the dirty toy bin.
  • No Outside Food. All Food and drink to be purchased in our Café.
  • Clean up after yourself and your kids. Help us keep Little Beans a clean, safe and enjoyable space for everyone.
  • Play nice, rough play is not permitted.
  • Little Beans Café promotes creative and imaginative play, which is the most fun with SHARING – please be considerate that the toys and playhouses are for everyone’s use.
  • Little Beans Café will not be responsible or be held liable for any injuries resulting from rough play, poor behavior or inappropriate use of toys and playhouses.
  • Most importantly..... HAVE FUN AND RELAX (that goes for everyone).

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