Benefits Of Indoor Camp Programs

Parents who are looking to send their child to a kids summer camp equipped with an interactive kids playground should choose Little Beans Cafe. Little Beans Cafe is a family cafe with an imaginative playspace for kids. We offer an indoor interactive playspace for children while parents enjoy the beverages and delicious treats in the cafe. There are many benefits of an indoor camp program for kids. Benefits include using safe indoor equipment, learning new skills and gaining a new perspective.

Benefits Of Indoor Camp Programs:

Hot Weather Conditions

Summer weather often consists of high temperatures which can result in extreme heat. High temperatures can allow for a heatwave which can put young children at risk of suffering from a heat-related condition. Attending an indoor summer camp allow children to enjoy activities inside an air-conditioned facility. Little Beans Cafe brings the outdoor experience indoors with activities such as music, crafts, and an indoor gym. These activities will allow children to participate in safe hands-on activities which will keep children out of the heat.

Safe Indoor Equipment

Little Beans provides safe and suitable equipment for indoor use. Foam pits and slides are made of safe play material and are placed on softly padded flooring. This will prevent a child from getting hurt outdoors on a hard surface such as concrete. Other indoor activities will include ping- pong, air hockey, and other games. These games can allow children to connect with their peers indoors in a unique way. Therefore, children will learn how to interact with other campers while playing on the safe indoor equipment.

Importance Of Camp

Attending camp will allow children to unplug from technology. Rather than interacting on a smartphone or tablet, children can focus on essential life skills. Skills such as team building, and problem-solving- skills can allow children to communicate face-to-face. Little Beans Cafe designs a theme each week to make the day more interactive and entertaining. These indoor activities provide children with a unique experience as compared to outdoor camp facilities. Children can participate in numerous opportunities that can develop into life skills that can be challenging to achieve in any environment.

Learning New Skills

Children who attend Little Beans indoor camp will be challenged. Learning builds a relationship with peers and trusted adults which are essential life skills to learn at a young age. Children can form a new found confidence which will help their self-esteem. A study concluded that children who take risks and face challenges in a supervised environment can build confidence and resilience. As a result, participating in unique indoor activities can allow children to learn new skills and test their abilities.

Sending a child to a kids summer camp is a great way for a child to spend their summer. Equipped with a kids playground and other indoor activities Little Beans Cafe is an excellent facility for three to nine-year-old children. Call us today at (847) 807-3731 to place a child in a unique indoor camp experience! Visit us on the web at Little Beans Cafe for more information.