Fun Activities At A Kids Restaurant

Taking the kids to a restaurant can sometimes be a challenge. Kids have an overactive imagination and tons of energy. This can translate to them bouncing off the walls when taking them to a restaurant. Kids will sometimes want to play while being at a restaurant, but they may not have a playspace. Little Beans Cafe is a family destination that combines a cafe and a kid’s playground. We provide a safe and fun atmosphere for kids and comfortable place for adults to hang out. For those wondering what a kids restaurant can provide, here are some of the fun activities we offer at our cafe.

Kids Playspace

At Little Beans Care, we cater to infants and children of all ages. Our Little Beans Village is catered for infants and kids to 6 years of age. This playspace is a mock town that is built specifically for kids. Kids can play in the town, playhouse or even ride around in the mock cars. They can visit the town, run errands like their parents and use their imaginations to play the role of the townspeople.

Kids Obstacle Course

The Little Beans Cafe obstacle course is for children between the ages of 5 to 12. This recreational play area is a unique obstacle course that kids will enjoy. The course features various areas and activities like a foam pit, towers, and slides. In the obstacle course area, there is a karaoke room where kids can sing, and dress up. There is also a room for recreational games like ping pong, air hockey, and a laser maze. This is a perfect outlet for kids to burn off some energy.


For parents that want a classroom option for their kids, the Little Beans Cafe classroom is a great choice. In our classroom kids can practice and learn the following.

The classroom is offered for both kids and adults. This is a great way to have children mentally stimulated while parents enjoy delicious foods at our cafe.

Kids Gym

Kids love to play sports and it is beneficial to their health. Little Beans Cafe features a half-court gym that hosts several activities. These are some of the games available for kids play at our gym.

We at Little Beans Cafe put family first. Our cafe is a one-stop source for a kids playspace and restaurant that kids and adults will enjoy. Not only do we serve tasty meals but we can host kids parties and offer kids workshops. Contact us today for directions and locations to our cafe at 773-251-1025.