Grow & Learn

Grow & Learn (2-5 years)


Join Little Beans Evanston for a fun and transitional drop off program for your 2-5-year-old kids! Together, we will explore and play all while engaging in age-appropriate educational, creative, physical, and fun activities! A healthy snack will be provided and being potty trained is not required. We look very forward to playing, growing, and learning with your children.

This year we will be offering Grow & Learn as a Drop Off option and as a Co-Working option. A dedicated workspace is available for adult co-working. Drop off or use the LBC co-working space to maximize the productivity of your work time.


Grow and Learn morning session from 9:00am-12:00pm
Play-based with age-appropriate curriculum

  • 2-5-year-olds – 15 kids (preschool)

Grow & Learn Extended day with extracurriculars from 12:00-3:30pm
Extended day is only available for kids 3.5-5 years

12-12:45pm: Lunch – Grow & Learn kids participating in an extended day or dedicated tables for parent/child lunch (if a parent is co-working at LBC). Pre-ordering required.

12:45-1:30: Rest and quiet play in classrooms. The playspaces and cafe will be closed for cleaning. Rest and quiet play will be in classrooms for kids in an extended day.

1:30-3:30: Rotating Extracurriculars (rotate every 40 minutes) -Art/STEM, Sports, Drama

Note: Grow and learn extended day kids will be contained in one afternoon extra-curricular “pod” and travel in the facility together. Outside kids enrolling in the afternoon will be in the building but separate from Grow & Learn extended day.

Pricing (pricing reflected is for 1 week)

Morning only – 9am-12pm

$80- 2 days, for 1 week

$120- 3 days, for 1 week

$200- 5 days, for 1 week

All-day - 9am-3:30pm

 $150- 2 days, for 1 week

$225- 3 days, for 1 week

$375- 5 days, for 1 week

*If you would like to try the program for a single day to see if it is a good fit, email

Note: If you are interested in adding on a co-working desk, see below for details, pricing and to register for a desk. 

* If we have less than 40% enrollment at the start of the program, we may need to cancel. If that's the case, refunds will be provided.


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